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Search Engine Marketing Services

A few areas we specialize in with our search engine marketing services:

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising

Display Advertising

Google Shopping

Behavioral Retargeting

Display Retargeting

Search Retargeting

search engine marketing services

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Our Process

The process to get started is very simple. We have three phases: strategy, build out and management.


The search engine marketing strategy guides all the efforts of an online campaign.

We identify long tail keywords we think will result in conversions. We estimate a budget based on those keywords and what your competitors are doing. And we identify all the steps we need to do in order to get a campaign started: from building out a landing page to creating the ads.

Build Out

Once the strategy is set, it’s time to build. We’ll create a Google AdWords account in order for you to advertise based on your keywords. We’ll create remarketing lists so you can retarget potential customers that didn’t convert. Everything from the strategy, including the ads, will be built out in this phase.

Search Engine Marketing Management

This is an optional phase that some of our clients like to do themselves. Once the account is set up, many clients like to take over in order to put more money into their campaigns.

Other clients trust us to manage their campaigns. For those clients, we take an A/B testing approach. We continuously create ads to replace the ads that aren’t meeting our performance standards. We identify new areas of opportunity by closely monitoring the account activity to see where we can improve. We iterate the landing pages to see if we can improve conversions. And most importantly, we report on the results once every two weeks.

Marketing Process

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