Email Marketing Data Analysis Services

Email Marketing Data Analysis ServicesRecently a client of ours asked us to conduct an email marketing data analysis.

The client had sent over a million emails and wanted to take the guesswork out of email marketing.

The difference between our client and their competitors is that they work backwards from what they know works (as opposed to just randomly sending out a ton of emails and annoying their subscribers).

One of the most common things we see from potential clients is that they want us to start sending out emails and hope that things will work.

They usually don’t.

By just sending out emails without analysis, companies miss out on what people want AND ignore using their own data to find the answers.

Our email marketing data analysis services work backwards from what people want and use your data to your advantage.

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How does analyzing email history guarantee your future marketing success?

Let’s say that you’ve sent out 1 million plus emails to subscribers that may or may not use your products.

By analyzing the email marketing data, you’ll:

  • KNOW what subject lines people open.
  • KNOW the format and images that get people to click.
  • KNOW what types of campaigns product the most profit

If you take those findings by analyzing a bunch of email marketing data, you’ll be able to produce exceptional emails.

It’s no surprise the companies that get this concept are a massive success.

Before you just randomly drop a ton of money into creating email templates, sending emails, and hoping people buy – work backwards from what already works.

Here’s what you (or we) can do to conduct an email marketing data analysis:

  • Look around to see what you have available
  • Conduct an audit to generate new insight into your email marketing
  • Stop RANDOMLY sending emails, and use your insight to guide your email marketing decisions

If you’d like SiriSolutions to conduct an email marketing data analysis, contact us.