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Email Marketing Automation ServicesIt’s 10 a.m. on a Wednesday.

We’re at work. Our clients are at work. And of course, our email marketing automation services are at work.

A prescheduled email targeting customers who just received their package goes out to gauge their happiness with the purchase.

It’s a plain text, three sentence email from the co-founder of the company. We know from experience that customers who open and respond to this email are four times more likely to purchase from our client again when compared to customers who don’t open the email.

It’s an important email, and we’re able to time the delivery perfectly with automation.

Email marketing automation is for everyone. Save time and send effective campaigns with our email marketing automation services.

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The people who hire us want the power of automation without the headaches. We’re able to provide that power, and we’ll give you a couple Advils if you need them.

Email marketing automation is especially effective when you’re working within these four areas:

1. Welcoming new and potential customers

Say someone has visited your website for the first time. What do they see? A discount code in exchange for their email? A whitepaper to download in exchange for an email? Or perhaps, the only place to input their email address is when they checkout.

We’ve set up email automation tracks for each of these different types of customers. These tracks range from a single email showcasing your services to a series of several emails that onboard customers as to what your company is all about.

2. Follow up on website activity

Remember our automation story at the beginning of this page? That’s an example of a follow up on website activity. A customer makes a purchase, and an automated email (that looks personalized) goes out to see if they’re happy.

We’re also able to send emails based on other pieces of activity, like what webpage they signed up for emails, if they opened any of the automated emails, and if they made a purchase.

3. Putting purchase data to good use

This is where automation gets fun. You’ve got repeat customers who have spent thousands with you. You’ve got one time customers who tried your service nine months ago. Not all customers are created equal, and this is an area where we can really put data to work.

An example.

One automation campaign we’ve set up is based on the knowledge that if a customer doesn’t purchase again within 45 days, they’re 86% less likely to purchase from our client again. Yikes.

Those first 45 days are crucial to sending customers things like product care instructions and product recommendations based on their previous purchases. If they slip beyond that 45 day window, they’re automatically put into a separate “recovery mode” track that gives customers incentives to purchase again.

If you have purchase data, we can dissect it and put it’s power to use.

4. Event Emails

You host webinars, you put on events, you have sales. These special event emails all deserve an automation track – starting from when the customer signs up, leading up to the event, and post event.

Setting up an event email automation marketing series once led our client to close 5 times the amount of business they were from when they didn’t have the automation in place.

It’s a “gotta have.”

What’s next?

Now, if you’d like to us to provide you with email marketing automation services (which we would love to…it’s one of things we get really nerdy about), here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Fill out this form to request a quote.

Step 2: We’ll call you and work out an agreement.

Step 3: We’ll do these things for you:

  • Define when your emails go out
  • Set up triggers to send emails based on criteria you chose
  • Set time delays between emails in an automation series
  • Set triggers within the automation track (so certain emails send to subscribers who’ve opened or clicked)
  • Monitor and manage your email marketing automation
  • Track your performance and report on the results
  • Integrate with services like Salesforce, Shopify and Magento

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