Email List Management Services

Email List Management ServicesHow often does this happen:

You get a Facebook friend or Linkedin connection request from someone you don’t know. You accept.

Then, you begin seeing updates in your news feed of what this person had for lunch.

All too often.

What does this have to do with managing your email list?

Email list management keeps your lists clean and your content relevant to your subscribers. Just like you don’t care about what a stranger you randomly accepted as a friend had for lunch, your subscribers may not care about your content.

That’s where effective email list management comes in.

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There’s three areas that email list management services focus on: List Permission, List Management, and Content. Let’s look at best practices for each area.

List Permission

Permission based email marketing is the way to go. Period.

No one loves getting more email, and people definitely don’t like getting what they consider to be spam.

List permission really has three simple ways to ensure you have permission to send email.

  • All email subscribers need to opt-in. This means no lists that are bought or scraped should be used – even if the list of recipients is within your industry. Sending to subscribers who haven’t opted in to your list leads to high bounce rates and spam reports – it can even get your domain blacklisted.
  • The six-month window. Permission to be marketed to via email usually goes stale after six months. If a subscriber hasn’t opened an email in six months, it may be time to send them to re-opt them back into the list.
  • Double opt-in. Many sign up forms today use double-opt in – signing up and then confirming your subscription via email – to complete the sign up process. This is a good idea to decrease bounce rates (think about web visitors who give you a fake email just to get a discount) and spam traps on email providers.

Email List Management

Email list management is an ongoing process to ensure delivery. Here’s three ways to effectively manage your list.

  • Make sure the list import worked. The easiest and most simple step is to upload your email list and make sure that each section is appropriately labeled (Email Address, Name, Zip Code, etc.). This will help you send the right emails to the right people.
  • Clean up the unsubscribes and bounces. Not only will cleaning your list improve your marketing results, but it will also cost you less money to send.
  • Unsubscribe, don’t delete.
  • Deleting an email address that wants to unsubscribe from your list will be completely removed from your list. This means that if you accidentally re-import their address, they’ll receive your emails again and will be quite pissed. Unsubscribing them will prevent emails from being sent to them, and will keep them from being reimported.

Email Content

Relevant email content and effective delivery are the two most important elements to email marketing. Here are three tips to ensure that your email content gets seen by the right people.

  • Email list segmentation. Segmentation is the first step to show that you care about subscribers. You’re not emailing just to blast them with the latest product news. Instead, you’ve given thought about who they are as a person as well as what content they would like to receive from you. If you haven’t segmented your email list, don’t worry. There’s plenty of ways to segment, including by subscriber activity, customer activity and other methods you can define.
  • Meet the requirements. Spam laws require that your postal address, an unsubscribe link and a list permission reminder be included on every email you send. Make sure to include these.
  • Include an update profile link. You can do all you can to define a subscriber, but ultimately, subscribers can best define themselves. Including an update profile link enables subscribers to subscribe to the content they want to receive.

Want to improve your email marketing? Hire us and our email list management services. We’ll check your list permissions, manage your list, and ensure relevant email content is being delivered to your subscribers.

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