Custom Email Template Design Services

Custom Email Template Design ServicesHow often does this happen:

A business looking for custom email template design services hires a designer, creates a template that’s looks pretty good, and essentially considers the “design” project done. The only thing to do now is to send out emails and watch the money flow in.

Unfortunately, too often.

Declaring it done will cost you a lot of money. Your email template design is never done.

Whatever you have designed is just a guess for what might work based on what looks good. Now the real design starts – by sending it to subscribers.

It’s impossible to know in advance which email template design will work best for your subscribers. Yes, you can copy the competition. Yes, you can choose a predesigned template from your email provider. Yes, you can send out a plain text email with your shiny company logo in the header.

But you still won’t know which design is best for your business.

True email template design is figuring out what works best for your audience.

Consider this: some email template designs work better than others, and the difference in results can be anywhere from 20% to 200% per email. Would you want to double your email revenue on every email? We know we sure would.

Let’s do some quick math:

Consider that with an average email template, you make $500 per email.

Consider with a custom email template design, you earn 20% more and make $600 per email.

Let’s say you send out 12 emails per year.

The difference between the average and an optimized email template is about $1,200 per year.

Yowza. And’s that’s just with the minimal effort of optimizing your email template.

So how do you know which email template is best for your business?

You don’t, and we don’t either. But we’ll tell you exactly how we can almost find out.

A/B Testing your email template design

A/B testing means that half of your subscribers are sent version “A” of your email and the other half is sent the B version. The split is done automatically by most email marketing platforms, and keeps track of the results (open rate, click through rate, conversion rate). If you have a larger email list size, you could consider doing a/b/c/d testing of your template as well. The more variations of the template you test, the more sends you’ll need to reach validity.

Avoid sending out one email template one week, and the other email template out the next week. This will not only confuse your subscribers, but it will also not give you great data to compare since it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

You can stop your A/B email template design testing after you’ve tested the template at least three times and have results that give you confidence in your design.

Then, once you have a template in place, continue testing with every single send and analyze the data. The template can always be improved. If you improve your results by just 5% per month, you’ll have an 80% improvement over the course of the year.

Want to improve conversions by at least 80% a year? Hire us and our custom email template design services. We’ll start designing, and start testing.

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